Dumps or CVV: Dumps are used for POS and offline shopping, CVV's used for online shopping ONLY!

Let's figure out from the very beggining how card system works

How it works:

1 You byuing goods or services from the shop

2 Shop transmits the transaction to his acquirer

3 Acquirer verifies ticket to card issuer(bank) for payment

4 Issuer bills cardholders

5 The Acquirer credits the Merchant for shopping

6 Acqiurer is paid

7 Cardholder pays card issuer(Bank)

Inside the plastic card:

There are 3 tracks on the card magnetic strip

track1: Card number, holder name, experation date

track2: Card number, experation date

track3: Used for discount scemes

Dumps includes Track1 or Track2 info. You need to decode it with some reading/writing stuff like MSR and

wrihgt it to the physical blank plastic card

Where shoud you get all reading/wrighting stuff (msr 606, msr 686)

How to use your MSR you can see at Youtube links below

Cvv's don't needed to be decoded it contains full payment, client and bank info

(card number, experation date, holder name, cvv code, home adress, zip and bank name)